This year is a big year for cryptocurrencies. If you are a crypto enthusiast and want to start your own cryptocurrency exchange business, congratulations on building a prosperous future by choosing the best business opportunities.

But this will only be possible when you choose the right software with the right features to create your unique Cryptocurrency Exchange business website. Here, we compiled the top 5 cryptocurrency PHP scripts from Codecanyon websites in this content.

While selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, it is important to have some attractive and essential features. Keep reading to learn more.

Pexeer – A Complete Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

If you want a crypto-currency website with PHP script, this platform is for you. Pexeer is a complete peer-to-peer exchange platform built with Laravel. It is a peer-to-peer network with disruptive technology. The best choice is to buy or sell any crypto coin that works through coin payments.

Useful Features:
Best exchange rate from the traditional currency exchange process.
Supports more than 30+ cryptocurrencies, for example, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, and many more.
Refund system and supports multiple languages.

The Pexeer (Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform) is available at two pricing plans-

Regular license $499 along with 6 months support system.
Extended license $185.25 along with the quality checked by Envato and regular updates.

BitLab – Ultimate Bitcoin Wallet System

Bitlab is a complete solution for the bitcoin wallet business. Here, users are able to register and create their own bitcoin wallet address, users are able to receive and send bitcoin here. The system will earn from fixed and percentage-based sending charges. All Bitcoin Wallet account blocks will be created via the IO API.

Useful Features:
Simple functionality and all Dynamic Features.
Easy Documentation, GDPR Policy.
Livechat, TOS, Policies page, Security Captcha Included.

The regular license for this system is available for $59 with support for up to 6 months. You can even extend your support and get an enhanced feature in the extended license which costs you $20.25.

ChangaLab – Currency Exchange Platform:

Changalab is a complete online currency exchange-based package. It is an online-based platform that helps people and businesses around the world convert from one currency to another. The ChangeLab is a secure, fast, and easy to personalize, and flexible website.

Useful Features:
Dynamic Admin Control Panel.
A clean and modern user interface.
Exchange any currency from everywhere.

Grab this useful cryptocurrency Exchange Platform at $49 with 6 months’ support. Its extended plan will cost you $16.50.

CryptoLive – Realtime Cryptocurrency Market Cap, Prices & More (+Free WP Plugin)

CryptoLive PHP is another famous cryptocurrency website with PHP script that automatically retrieves thousands of cryptocurrencies in a fraction of time. Here, you can see the display market live status at a glance.

There are many currencies present from where you will be able to select. You can check the market information, price charts, and more as well.

Useful Features:
Instant search and filtering option.
Display the historical price charts and trade feeds.
WebSockets function.

Regular licenses are available for $36 with support for up to 6 months. You can even extend your support and get an enhanced feature in the extended license which costs you $525.

CryptoNet – Cryptocurrency Market Cap

These useful PHP scripts help you to display currency market information, it gives you historical information in graphical format. It can display a list of the top 5 ranked currencies, 5 best winning currencies, and so on.

Useful Features:
Real-time display, able to showcase the live changes in the pricing.
Earn money by placing various ads on your cryptocurrency website.
Customization options, able to change the currency name, currency logo, coin address, and more.

CryptoNet offers its regular license for $48 with 6 months of support. It will cost you $175 for extended support, including quality verified by Envato.


Since you read 5 cryptocurrency PHP scripts, hopefully, you can choose the right PHP script for your crypto business listing. We’ve compiled the best cryptocurrency scripts. So feel free to choose anyone.

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