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HomeDeeler is a worldwide commerce pioneer that interfaces millions of buyers and dealers around the world. Empowering financial
opportunity for people, business visionaries, businesses and organizations of all sizes are our main motivations.

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For the best of our clients, we offer them additional resources and instant support. In this way, we attempt our level best to assist our esteemed clients to develop their trades.

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We always try to give our best to our important clients and we appreciate their feedbacks.

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We always ensure the supreme quality of our products because clients demand is our main priority

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The best auction site that users will be able to deal online, can win
the best among a lot of products and most importantly, very easy to participate.

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We try to understand our client’s thoughts and appreciate their feedback. This is why we make standard and user-friendly design
so that it will both attractive and understandable.

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If any client faces any issue to understand the product and wants his own customizable design template, we are here for you. Bid the best product, pay and get delivered at your home.

What are the Key Technologies

Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP web
framework. This is why our entire project has been created in Laravel.


HomeDeeler uses the most useful
MySQL for the purpose of connecting to a
web database.


jQuery helps interact between JavaScript
code and HTML elements. HomeDeeler used
jQuery for the frontend interactive purpose.

Agora Video Streaming

Agora Interactive Live Streaming enables
one-to-many and many-to-many video
live streaming in our live auctions.

Laravel Websocket

Laravel WebSockets is a Laravel package
used for real-time data without reloading
interactivity processing.


Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
is a set of web development strategies
that are used for backend data request.

Fun Facts

Some interesting facts about Homedeeler you should know.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To register as an online bidder, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add your name and email address
Step 2. Set your nid number and upload the original nid picture
Step 3. Take a selfie
Step 4. Select / tap the “Sign Up” button
Step 5. You will be returned with confirmation that your form has been submitted successfully.
Step 6. You will have to wait until the admin activates your account before you are eligible to sign in.
Yes, all online bidders need to sign up online at least two working days or 48 hours before the auction starts.
It will show up on your profile on the Winning Bids page and get alerts.
Yes, you can get an iOS or Android app from us.
After winning a product, it will appear on my won items. There, user will have to click on Pay Now button. It will redirect user to the payment where user can make payment with the card or BTC. User will get full payment details there that user has to pay. Furthermore, admin will check the payment and then user can proceed to request for product.
Yes, you can check all your bids from beginning to end in the “My Bids” section of your profile.


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