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Pexeer is a complete peer to peer exchange platform developed with Laravel. It is the best choice to buy or sell any crypto coin that works via coin payment. There is no need for any personal node, it will connect with a coin payment merchant account. Our system is 100% secure and dynamic. It supports all cryptocurrency wallets including Coin Payment, Deposit, Withdrawal, Referral system, and whatever you need. The most attractive feature of this platform is trading. In the trading system, you can make offers to other users, you can buy or sell coins according to your preferences of coin price rate, you will need to fund escrow where your money will be absolutely safe. You can also check your transaction status. Besides that, a refund system is also available if you want. Additionally, it supports multi-language.

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demo url:  User access: email:, pass: 123456 Admin access: email:, pass: 123456

p2p exchange

pexeer video demo Key Features

Admin Side
  • Fully responsive and dynamic
  • Easy to signup & signin
  • Email verification
  • Forgot password
  • Profile management
  • Password setup
  • Security management
  • Complete user management
  • Multiple coin using coin payment
  • Coin management
  • Payment Method
  • Buy / Sell offer management
  • Trading management
  • Dispute management
  • Broadcast Email
  • Deposit management
  • Withdrawal management
  • User id verification
  • Manage referral system
  • Admin settings
  • Coin Payment setting
  • Sms setting using twillo
  • Fees setting
  • FAQ Management
  • Landing Setting
  • Manage Subscriber
  • Mange Newsletter

User Side:

  • Fully Responsive and Dynamic
  • Easy to Signup & Signin
  • Profile Management
  • Notification
  • Support multi language
  • Multi coin system
  • Pear to pear buy sell
  • Supper easy and secure trading process
  • Location wise trading
  • Chatting with buyer or seller
  • Secure escrow system
  • Dispute system
  • Nice Wallet management
  • Generate wallet address using coin payment
  • Coin deposit system
  • Coin withdrawal system
  • Deposit Chart
  • Withdrawal Chart
  • Google Auth Setup
  • Phone Verification
  • KYC System
  • Password Setup
  • Security Management
  • An user can send coin to both internal and external address
  • Use Google authentication
  • Use Two factor authentication for login
  • Three level Referral System

Pre Requisites For Server:

- VPS Linux Server. - Minimum RAM 2GB. - Minimum Space 40GB. - PHP 7.2+. - Database (Preferred MYSQL 5.7+). - Apache 2.4/Nginx Server. - Process Control System (Preferred Supervisord). - PHP Dependency Manager (Preferred Composer). - Redis Server For Queue Management. - Coinpayment merchant account - Please check our demo and Pre Requisites before making your purchase.

What will You get?

  • pexeer Main file
  • Database
  • Documentation
Itech Theme offers installation service with charge! Please contact with us to discuss and asking for quotation to setup wallet and your server(VPS). Our Email: We don’t have any refund policy! Please check our demo and documentation before you make any purchase! Feel free to ask us your pre sale query!

Change Log: Version 1.7 -31st August’2022

- fixed code bugs - Added admin role. - Added recapche for diferrenct form submission for security purpose. - documentation updated.

Change Log: Version 1.6 -23rd August’2022

- fixed trading code bugs - Added username to signup form, profile and trading sections. - added file upload functionality to chat option. - documentation updated.

Change Log: Version 1.5-01 -9th February’2022

- fixed user chat socket related issue for trading. - Integrated nodejs api for erc20 or beep20. - fixed decimal issue. - Improved our platform logic for erc20 and beep20.

Change Log: Version 1.5 -29th January’2022

- fixed Trading steps live effect. - added a withdrawal/deposit email confirmation. - fixed favicon appearing issue on Sign in and Sign up page - fixed Social media links at the footer open in new tabs. - fixed Sign in/Sign up Page redirect back to the homepage. - added website cookies feature.

Change Log: Version 1.4.3 – 21th January’2022

- Fixed assets loading issue for different protocol. - fixed newsletter issue for landing page 2. - Add cronjob for dynamic coin rate.

Change Log: Version 1.4.2 – 12th January’2022

- Fixed Dynamic coin rate issue. - fixed favicon problem. - Updated documentation.

Change Log: Version 1.4.1 – 11th January’2022

- Fixed coinpayment currency issue and image displaying issue of user trade profile

Change Log: Version 1.4 – 7th January’2022

- Fixed offer related issues reported by a customer.

Change Log: Version 1.4 – 3rd January’2022

- Captcha Implementation. - Specific Font set up for landing page.

Change Log: Version 1.4 – 30th December’2021

- KYC setting for both withdrawal and trade. - New income report added for admin. - Live landing page customizer added. - New landing pages design added. - Footer settings added.

Change Log: Version 1.3 – 15th November’2021

- ICO Phase added. - Buy coin feature added. - Buy coin with bank and coinpayment gateway added.

Change Log: Version 1.2.2 – 10th September’2021

- fixed local currency convertion problem.

Change Log: Version 1.2.1 – 11th October ‘2021

- Added beep20 & ERC20 token. - added deposit and withdrawals features for beep20 and erc20 token. - added trading features for beep20 and erc20 token.

Change Log: Version 1.2 – 10th September’2021

- updated the code for multi language. - updated the documentation file for multi language.

Change Log: Version 1.1 – 15th August’2021

- Add easy step by the step installation wizard - Implement web sockets - Update documentation about installation and socket

Change Log: Version 1.0 – 3rd August’2021

- Initial Release

Images are only for demo purposes and not included with the download bundle.

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