Best 5 Multi-Vendor App Plugins, Code & Scripts from CodeCanyon

Multi-vendor App

Are you looking to build a multi-vendor marketplace with the next step in expanding your eCommerce business and incorporating it into your strategic plan? Then you are on the right track.

Nowadays, the main purpose of most online customers is to have a perfect and trusted multi-seller website because it is able to generate high profits and can be managed smoothly. People are getting conveniences from the online stores as they can choose from numerous products.

About 65% of the population is surfing the net and most of the time they visit all the leading e-commerce sites. This proves that having multi-vendor apps and websites is a big requirement for online business.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 platforms for multi-vendor app plugins, codes, and scripts from CodeCanyon, which are related to the market’s required criteria.

1. Azzoa – Grocery, MultiShop, eCommerce Flutter Mobile App with Admin Panel

Azzoa is a unique multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform that has some notable features and also the advantage of creating a multi-shop. The main focus of this platform is to enrich the best possible customer experience through notable features. This Codecanyon product has a great mobile app and unified multi-vendor software that is completely impeccable. Azzoa multi-vendor marketplace platform is perfectly flexible and highly scalable to use.

Platform Highlights

  • The excellent user interface, attractive dashboard, user app, Delivery Boy Android app, live delivery condition tracking, and flattering UI and UX.
  • With business marketing in mind, the software is designed to be SEO-friendly.
  • The multi-vendor platform includes Android and iOS apps.
  • Fully functional multi-vendor eCommerce platform with easy login, and authentication system.


2. RecipePoint – SaaS Multi-Vendor Recipe Platform

RecipePoint is a user-friendly recipe management system. With this system, users can easily open an account, purchase a recipe package and add its recipes.

Platform Highlights

  • The source code of this script is very simple and polished.
  • There are search recipes by single or multiple categories.
  • Recipe Purchase history by admin, Invoice show, and print option.
  • Unlimited Recipe ingredient adding system and unlimited Recipe steps adding system.


3. Multi-Vendor Laundry Booking & Delivery App| Android + iOS App Template | 3 Apps | FLUTTER 2 Anywash

Anywash is another Codecanyon product that has an online all-in-one laundry service app that allows users to book laundry anywhere and anytime through this app. Anywash app can be a great choice. This is a modern-based and easily customizable Multi vendor app template.

Platform Highlights

  • Have a user app, delivery app, and laundry store app that provide a complete start-up concept with UI design.
  • Easy to reskin it.
  • Can give multi-lingual support.
  • Highly secure and trustworthy.


4. Flykart eCommerce app | Multi-Vendor E-commerce | Complete eCommerce App | Multi Payment Gateways

The Flycart eCommerce app is a complete solution and already has 3 payment gateways for your (multi-vendor) eCommerce business. It helps to launch your online store quickly and efficiently by launching online multi-vendor marketplace software.

Platform Highlights

  • Possible to buy & sell the product, add the new product’s like- Fashion, Mobiles, Furniture, Electronic Appliance, Auto Accessories, Sports, Books & so on.
  • Chatting system for communicating with vendors.
  • Vendors require validation by the admin with valid information and the administrator can handle all things.
  • Product commission and delivery system for generating the Revenue.


5. Zenmart – eCommerce Flutter Mobile App with Admin Panel Single Vendor

Zenmart is another amazing single vendor Flutter eCommerce cross-platform application that has been integrated with Android and iOS. This online single-vendor marketplace platform mainly enhances business agility by providing a reliable process.

Platform Highlights

  • possible to add dynamic product variants.
  • 100% clean and unique design and very flexible marketplace software.
  • It maintains the perfect user experience across multiple devices and is easy to customize.
  • Easy to purchase and get the secure payment system.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best eCommerce Top Multi-Vendor App plugins, codes, and scripts from CodeCanyon.

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